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The Design Process: Step 3 Measure

7 Feb

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The Design Process Step 2: Gather

1 Feb

(photo from Arugula Press’ flickr)


(photo from the craft begins)

If you haven’t already read it; Step 1 in the design process was to Look. Look around you . . . There is a reason why you’re designing , maybe it’s your home, your bedroom, your dorm. . . Maybe it’s not an interior space, maybe it’s a restaurant or boutique. Step 1 was to look around you, google it. Step 2 is to gather. Collect paint samples, Fabric swatches, images of furniture or fixtures you like. Stay organized during this process. Keep your goal readily available to you in the front of your mind, “I’m redecorating my bedroom”, ” I’m painting my kitchen”. Gather all your ideas in one place. This can be an inspiration board, or a box. Just get them all together. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Just focus on step 2. Gather, collect.

Glass decor 2011

26 Jan

Eras 2011

26 Jan

Textures 2011

26 Jan

Finishes 2011

26 Jan

Color 2011

26 Jan

Prints of 2011

26 Jan

If you didn’t see the entire Trend Report ; Check it.

10 Ways to Maximize space

25 Jan
(By a Girl who lives in 500 Square Feet and still has room to do yoga.)

  1. Utilize Vertical Space 
  2. Choose a Chest of Drawers instead of a Dresser
  3. Double Duty furniture
  4. Hang your pots and pans
  5. Store your Cookie Sheets in your stove
  6. Don’t use a dish strainer
  7. Drop-Leaf tables
  8. Shoe Organizer
  9. Hang your TV
  10. Built-In Wall Units

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The design Process #1

22 Jan


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