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Cottage Gray French Grey …. it’s tres chic. That’s all that matters.

21 Mar

I have a feeling this person will bother me for “borrowing” this photo. If so, i’ll remove it. It’s from “eclecticrevisited”. Sorry no harm.

Are we “In the Pink” yet?

8 Feb

“Pink is the navy blue of India.” –Diana Vreeland

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The design Process #1

22 Jan


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More Cute Rooms

21 Jan

Here is a romantic room with faux painted walls very light florals throughout and a black bed. You wouldn’t think to put a black bed in a soft and romantic bedroom like this , but here’s proof that being unexpected works Sometimes. I would never advise floral drapes like those, but the ending goal is sweet. Continue reading

Black and White

20 Jan Black and White Decor at The Fancy Shack
Black and White Decor at The Fancy Shack

Black and white

5 Good Pattern Combinations

19 Jan

Toile and Gingham

pictures of your space

17 Jun

Please send us pictures of your space to be featured on the fancy shack blog.

Bedroom Themes For a Little Boy

2 Dec

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Little Boys Bedrooms in 1-2-3

2 Dec

Painting your walls (or one wall) will transform your space for the least amount of money. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask the guys in the paint area for help. That’s all you need to worry about; they’ll guide you. I always suggest talking to at least 3 people because some people don’t know what the h*** they’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. NO TAUPE ALLOWED !  You can afford to go bold on at least one wall. Continue reading

Princess Bedroom Set at The Fancy Shack, San Diego

2 Dec

See for more!

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