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Violet Loper Short’s Photography

2 Feb

A Lovely Friend

2 Feb

Violet is Lovely. She is a whimsical and dreamy young lady whose photography caught my attention and led me to her blog. I’m inspired by people all the time; especially artists, but it’s only the most fantastic that compel me to contact them personally. Violet was one such girl . The childlike innocence of her photography is sure to enrapture its audience

Famous Spaces

24 Jan

Spaces from “Sex and the City”:

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The design Process #1

22 Jan


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More Cute Rooms

21 Jan

Here is a romantic room with faux painted walls very light florals throughout and a black bed. You wouldn’t think to put a black bed in a soft and romantic bedroom like this , but here’s proof that being unexpected works Sometimes. I would never advise floral drapes like those, but the ending goal is sweet. Continue reading

Black and White

20 Jan Black and White Decor at The Fancy Shack
Black and White Decor at The Fancy Shack

Black and white

5 Good Pattern Combinations

19 Jan

Toile and Gingham

pictures of your space

17 Jun

Please send us pictures of your space to be featured on the fancy shack blog.


3 May

trendy diy chandelier…

This would be bitchen in a pink room…

I would like this chandelier a lot more if it was opaque and not glass. The glass looks like grandma moses…

this person is smart for taking a photo of the chandelier with the EXACT same color background:

wow. really?…

Here you go, Mom:

The Best Tool… Christmas list worthy

4 Dec

So I’m watching cool tools and I really want this new thing :
Hang and level:

You hang your picture on it; position it where you want it; take the picture back ofd; press a button that puts a perfect little dot exactly where you need to put your nail or screw in; and when you’re done, you can check to see that your picture is level by using the level BUILT IN!